When I grow up

My eldest daughter tends to climb into our bed in the very early hours of the morning, thereby acting as my personal alarm clock around dawn. On the odd morning, however, she’ll still be snuggled up in her own bed as the sun rises. And as I open my eyes, on such a morning, in the quiet and stillness, it feels as though I am floating on a cloud.

Beyond the heavy drape of my cream vintage curtains, the odd tractor comes rolling down the road, the birds sing and the sky hangs suspended above us. The world outside is slowly gearing up to start a new day. I try to imagine another way of life for myself, for my family… and I just can’t. This is the home we were always meant to know.


Children are curious, creative and they love to learn. “When I grow up I’m going to be a farmer, drive a car and have a wallet,” my daughter tells us. A job, a means of transport and disposable income – sounds good to me my darling.

At three and a half, she is laying down some serious plans for this future farm of hers  – the details of which are coming together over breakfast, in the car, on the walk home from school and at bedtime.

From what I gather, there are several barns, outhouses, fields and fences (some ‘hot’ and some not). There is a milking parlour for cows and a separate one for unicorns. There are ponies, goats, sheep and pigs – all of whom regularly misbehave, breaking into the farmhouse and eating all of her food.

It’s fascinating to watch her drawing inspiration from her everyday environment (and Julia Donaldson storybooks) in such a natural and enthusiastic way.


Watching the seasons change in a rural setting, has brought us all so much joy. The new life of spring has brought with it an abundance of new experiences…

Tiny lambs suddenly popping up in the green fields that were so wet and muddy throughout winter, baby bunnies appearing on the lawn, planting seeds in Daddy’s vegetable patch and harvesting our first tomato, green buds and pink blossom bursting from the trees, flowers bringing new life and colour to our garden.

We love spending time outside together as a family – rejoicing in the beauty of nature and finding joy in the simplest of things. We walk and talk, run through the woods, climb fences, swing on gates and jump on stones. We are alive and grateful, with happy hearts and – more often than not – carrying a bundle of sticks for the woodburner back at home.

It’s the simple things in life

A Squash and a Squeeze by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler
Click here to purchase on Amazon.co.uk

[Picture credit: Amazon.co.uk]



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